Mount Elgon National Park

Mount Elgon National Park:

Mount Elgon National Park is a national park 140 kilometers northeast of Lake Victoria that protects the region around Mount Elgon.

The park covers an area of 1,279 km² and is divided by the border between the African countries of Kenya and Uganda. The Ugandan part of the park covers 1,110 kkm² while the Kenyan part covers 169 km². The Kenyan part of the park was created in 1968 and Uganda was established in 1992.

Mount Elgon is an important basin for the Nzoia River, which flows into Lake Victoria and the Turkwel River, which flows into Lake Turkana.

Do not miss to visit this beautiful place and discover the best points of interest in Mount Elgon National Park

At the height of 4,000, Km2 Mount Elgon has the largest volcanic base in the world. It is also the largest and oldest solitary volcanic mountain in East Africa.

It is wide with an 80 km diameter that rises over 3,000 meters above the surrounding plains. Its cool heights offer respite from the hot plains below with the higher altitudes offering a refuge for flora and fauna.

When you will visit Mount Elgon National Park, you will also get to see more than 300 species of birds including the endangered Lammergeyer. Most of the slopes of the mountain are protected by national parks in Kenya and Uganda. That is creating an extensive trans-boundary conservation part that has bee declared a UNESCO Man and Biosphere Reserve.

Mt. Elgon offers so many attractions that include caves, calderas, gorges, waterfalls, and ravines. This park is really an ideal place for adventures lover.

Visit this one of the beautiful national parks of Uganda and explore caves and enjoy mountain biking, photography, climbing, and trekking.

A climb on Mount Elgon’s deserted moorlands that unveils an uncluttered and magnificent wilderness without the summit-oriented approach usual to many mountains. The ultimate goal of reaching the top of the Mount Elgon is not the final ascent to the 4321-meter Wagangai Peak but also the descent into the vast 40km2 caldera. The best time to climb Mt. Elgon is during the dry seasons between June to August and December to March.

Highlighted activities: Cultural visits, bird watching, primate, and trekking.

Things to do:

– Hiking and climbing

– Mountain bike trails

– Birding

– Rock climbing

– Trout Fishing

– Budadiri Community walk

What are the attractions?

– The Nyero Rock Paintings

– Caves

– The Sipi Falls

– The Abayudaya Jews of Uganda

How to access the place?

You can reach the Mount Elgon National Park from Kampala, Mbale, and Kapchorwa. You can also take a chartered flight from Entebbe to Soroti.

Best time to visit:

The Mount Elgon National Park is open for tourists and travelers all year round. However, it is better to experience in some seasons than others. If you want to climb Mount Elgon, the best time to visit is between June to August and December to March.

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