Lower Zambezi National Park

Lower Zambezi National Park

The northeastern banks of the Zambezi River are home to some of the best wildlife you can see in Africa. The Lower Zambezi National Park is spread over an area of 4092 sq. km. You can find a variety of wildlife in this park. As it is situated opposite the Manas Pool Reserve in Zimbabwe, there is a continuous wildlife corridor that allows for free movement of the animals. The banks of the river are the best places to see the animals.

An escarpment on the northern side prevents animals from moving too far from the valley floor. The Zambezi has deposited volcanic soil over the years and this has allowed for lush vegetation to thrive on the banks. There are several smaller rivers that cross the national park. There are a variety of trees on the grasslands like leadwood, acacia, ebony, and figs. The park was declared a national park in 1983.

Attractions In Lower Zambezi National Parka

The main attraction of the park is the concentration of big game. A canoe trip on the Zambezi can get you sightings of groups of elephants numbering up to a hundraed. It is the same with buffaloes that will be jumping from one small island in the river to another. As you move up the river you can see the hippos taking a view of your activity from just beneath the surface of the water. You can also see crocodiles in the river.

Lions can be found commonly in the park as the movement of buffaloes attract them. The leopards seem to prefer the tops of the trees in the national park. Spotted hyenas are the other predators in the park. There is a good variety of birds too. Among the 378 recorded species, you can find many species of kingfishers. The African Fish Eagles can be spotted at many places. Cormorants, egrets, and storks also skim the surfaces of the river looking for prey.

What Can You Do In Lower Zambezi National Park?

Activities in the Lower Zambezi concentrate around the river. Boating is the most enjoyable way to see the wildlife on the banks of the river. Most of the lodges are on the banks of the river. You can even enjoy lunch on the river sitting in ankle-deep water. Paddling on canoes in the various channels is an activity that you must not visit. Just enjoy the scenery around you. You are sure to be treated by the sightings of a variety of wildlife.

There are game drives through the park to see the other life in the forests. The vegetation is plentiful and diverse. Bird sightings are very common when you drive through the forest. The lodges in the area also provide some interesting facilities. You can have outdoor pools and showers in some of the lodges. You can stay in luxury tents and typical village houses.

Reaching Lower Zambezi National Park

The best way to reach the national park is to get your lodge to pick you up from Lusaka. You can also come from Zimbabwe by road. There is also a rough road from Chirundu to the park.

When Should You Visit Lower Zambezi National Park?

The best time to visit the park is between June and September. The lodges and canoe operators work from April till November. September and October are the best months for fishing.