In entire Sub-Saharan Africa, Namibia is methodically the most tourist-friendly country that you might have seen ever. Moreover, with the possession of a wide variety of arid landmarks such as deserts, wildlife & coastal towns in its closet, Namibia is also climbing higher & higher in the dream list of Namibia Safari travelers. African Adventure

Not only does it have terrific wildlife such as a quarter of the world’s cheetahs and the last free-ranging population of black rhino with a well-developed network of parks, reserves & safari lodges but also the landscape & deserts that are some of the most well-photographed over in the world merits a visit in its own right. 

Now on the top of all that, it is one of the easiest & safest countries in entire Africa to travel. This country will enchant & leave you longing to explore more. There are a lot of things for you to see & do in this country such as:-     

1) The Distances Are Vast African Adventure

You will be shocked to know that it is the 5th lowest populated country in the world and physically you will feel empty while traveling throughout this country. It is known for its wide variety of vast landscapes such as safari parks, wildlife reserves, and endless deserts.     

2) It’s The Only African Country With A Female Leader African Adventure

Most of the African countries prefer a male to lead the country but Namibia is the only country with a female leader elected in 2015. Miss. SaaraKuugongelwa is the country’s fourth prime minister and the only female leader on the entire continent.

3) Home Of The Fastest Land Animal African Adventure

If your greatest desire is to catch the glimpse of the fastest land animal in the African continent then rushing towards Namibia could be the best place. It is the home to the world’s largest population of free roving cheetahs. Numerous Namibia Destinations such as Etosha National Park are some of the best places in the country to see them in plenty.  

4) Enormous Sandunes African Adventure

Your Namibia Safari experience will be everlasting as you are going to watch several things such as one of the highest dune in the world. You can watch it rising dramatically in the Namib desert which is also known as Dune 7, an impressive mound which is tops at 383 meters.       

5) The Largest Underwater Lake

Have you ever visited an underwater lake in any of the safari trips in Africa? Finally, you are going to see one such as the Dragon’s Breath Cave that lies beneath Namibia’s Kalahari Desert. This gargantuan grotto is home to the largest non-sub glacial lake in the world which was discovered in 1986.   

6)    Explore Ghost Town

It used to be a sparkling well-heeled mining town also known as Kolmanskop which was abandoned in the thirties when the diamond rush compelled prospectors to go after some other place. The middle of nowhere outpost of Namib Desert has started to reclaim its former glory by getting converted into a popular tourist attraction now.     

7) Walk Around The Skelton Coast

Some of the landmarks in your Namibia Safari will also let you witness the power of nature. Have you ever been to Namibia’s Skeleton Coast? It is one of the harsh terrains in Namibia where nature reigns supreme. The Skeleton Coast has some bone dry gravel plains & shifting sands and the locals name it “The Land God Made In Anger”.     

8)    See The Wide Variety Of Wildlife

Namibia is known for a huge diversity of wildlife especially in their national parks like Etosha which is one of the top game viewing destinations inside this African country. The dramatic landscapes of Etosha host a great diversity of wildlife & birds despite its barren appearance. Here you can spot animals such as lions, giraffes, zebras, blue wildebeests, cheetahs, leopards, and hyenas moving freely in the park along with its large elephant population.            

9) Awesome Scenery From Space

Some parts of landscapes are also quite incredible from space such as the Namib Desert which is littered with impact craters such as RoterKamm created by a meteorite which is a size of an SUV that struck somewhere between four to five million years ago. All these craters including the desert’s vast dunes look pretty awesome from space.        

10) Go Through The Epic Train Journey

Namibia’s desert express covers approximately 220 miles from Windhoek through Namibia’s central highlands and crosses through the savannah, desert and rock-strewn plains to Swakopmund on the Atlantic coast. A longer safari option via train also includes the Walvis Bay as well as game drives in the Etosha National Park.    

11)  Its One Of The Thirstiest Nations In Africa

Namibia is one of the highest alcohol consuming nations in the African continent according to the World Health Organisation. It is in 5th rank regarding the consumption of liquor and according to an estimate the percentage of alcohol consumption will increase up to 9.2 percent in the 2020.        

12) The Landscapes Are Impressive And Ever-Changing

The changing landscapes are impressive and will just blow your mind while self-driving throughout Namibia by hitting the road and watching all the changing landscape through the windscreen of your door & getting mesmerized by watching landscapes such as dark cone-shape dolerite mountain, layered mountains, and flat landscapes.         

13) Take A Break For Eating The Best Apple Pie On The Planet African Adventure

While going through the long & empty roads of Namibia for your safari tour, taking a small break or stopover at Solitaire provides more than just fill yours as well as gas your vehicle. You will also get the chance to taste the best apple pie in the town by visiting the local bakery that makes it by mixing plenty of apples, soft crumbs, and raisins that made a good apple pie.           

14) The Perfect Road Trip Destination African Adventure

A road trip in Namibia is one of the greatest adventures and is quite surreal. It is a land of inhospitable beauty & solitude. Even after possessing some desolate regions in the world, it is a well-developed African Nation & it is quite easy to travel.      

15) Swakopmund Is Extreme Sports Heaven African Adventure

Swakopmund is one of the best Namibia Destinations where you can have an extreme sports adventure with your family or tour group members by participating in various jaw-dropping activities such as Skydiving over the Namibia Desert, Swakopmund sand boarding, paragliding as well as exploring the Namib dunes on a quad bike.

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