Lira district is a district in Northern Uganda. Like other Ugandan districts, it is also named after its chief town – Lira.

Lira is located in the North, 352 km from Kampala which is the main town of Lira also it is a municipal, commercial and administrative center.

The official language of Lira is English and also it is widely spoken language. However, many people speak their second language as well which is Lango. The local people of Lira are heartwarming, welcoming, and friendly. It is located about 110 km by road southeast of the city of Gulu on the highway between Mbale and Gulu.

Lira district is served by a railway station of the Uganda Railways network. This city is also served by a public civilian airport. Its international Lira Airport is administered by the Civil Aviation Authority of Uganda.

Until the year 2005, this district comprised 6 countries Lira Municipality, Moroto, Otuke, Kyoga, Dokola, and Erute. These countries further subdivided into 28 other sub-countries. In these sub-countries – 4 are Municipal Divisions. There is a total of 192 parishes with 2,247 villages with Dokolo becoming a district in the year 2005, Otuke and Alebtong in the year 2010.

This town is now consisting of 3 counties Lira Municipality, Erute South County, and Erute North County

In the year 1991, the Uganda National Population census has estimated the population in the district at about 191,500. 11 years later, the 2002 national population census has estimated at about 290,600 with 3.4% annual population growth.

The maximum populations are ethnic Langi and the predominant language spoken is Lwo.

The city’s streets are home to local musicians who entertain visitors with the beautiful sound of African music. Also, local artisans also line the streets with their handcrafted designs and products. If you are looking for an unspoiled, diverse and distinctly African destinations, then Lira is the perfect destination for your holidays.

There is a number of hotels in Lira, so one can easily get a place to stay. Also, there is a variety of luxurious, pocket-friendly, and comfortable hotels, guest houses, and lodging in Lira which you can easily hire.

The cheapest and easiest way to keep in touch is by Email. Internet is the only viable option in Lira where there are many excellent outlets that offer quick access.

Things to do:

– Wildlife

– Bird watching

– Nature

– Sightseeing

What are the attractions?

– Karma falls

How to access the place?

Travel 3 km from Aduku road junction in Lira district along the Lira to Aduku/Apac/Akokoro road to Anai Primary School which is located 3 km on the right side.

Best time to visit:

Most of the tourists and travelers visit Lira in the month of July, October, and February. The rates of flights and hotels will be very expensive during these months. However, you can save your money if you will buy it in advance.

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