Lake Tanganyika

Lake Tanganyika

Lake Tanganyika in the world is the second-deepest lake. It contains freshwater around 15%. It reaches 1500m deep and spreads over 34,000 sq. km.  The climate is hot at the end of the dry season. There are white sandy beaches, in association with snorkeling and palm trees. It features crystal clear waters and has more of multicolored tropical fish.

Places of attractions

Mv LiembaIMG_2448

This is a 100 years oldest ship, built in Germany. Originally it was a transport vessel but used during WW1. After independence, it was given to Tanzanian authorities. This ship travels twice a month and the ship has a cabin for sleeping. There are big rooms for third-class people, a 4-member family cabin, 2 people VIP and first-class cabins.

Kigoma Railway Station

This is close to the harbor. This railway operates twice a week and it takes 48 hours to reach Dar es Salaam. The railway is not a reliable option; the flights or busses are recommended.


Lake Tanganyika has beautiful beaches. The water is crystal clear freshwater surrounded by short trees. Enjoy sunset views and cool breeze. The two main beaches are Hilltop beach and Jacobson Beach.

Batik market

Batik market has women and men coming to buy in large quantities batiks to trade to other regions.

Things to Do

Sunbathe with hippos

Lake Tanganyika houses amazing animals throughout the year. It houses animals along its banks and the lake. It is a viewing spot for hippos, crocodiles and leaves the lake from time to time offering a unique spectacle for tourists and nature admirers.

Have a beer

Lake Tanganyika boasts of renowned bars. There is an array of imported and locally-crafted beers, as popular among tourists. The other places to relax are Nyabugete Beach and Zion Beach.

Try Mukeke

Fresh Mukeke is available on Lake Tanganyika shores. It is a fish that is grilled or fried found in Lake Tanganyika only. It presents a delicious flavur. The bars or restaurants serve on the lake shores fresh fish. There are many other fish forms and Mukeke is a coveted delicacy.

Scuba Diving and Snorkelling

This lake is prominent for its visibility and diving as it has fish in variety. Underwater exploration in this deep lake is incredible as there are pretty cichlids. Certified courses in scuba diving are offered.

How to access

Flight: Reaching the lake from the neighboring countries is possible through the small airports, Kigoma and Kalemie. However, Dar es Salaam is the nearest airport and a common route to reach by air.

Rail networks: The rail networks are rightly connected to the airports. There are other rail lines as well.

Getting around Tanzania is the best in a ferry MV Liemba and is the best.

Best time to Visit

Lake Tanganyika is a charming place to visit throughout the year as it has a moderate equatorial climate. The best time is from June to September to set out on a trip.


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