Zimbabwe is one of the most stunning countries of the world where you can happily spend your vacation with complete amusement and fun. There are number of eye-catching locations that can attract you and you will want to go there again and again. This place is known for historical ruins, museums and many more temples. This city offers all the modern amenities and it also holds the true natural beauty of Zimbabwe. This place is an ideal one to spend your vacation.

Kadoma is a beautiful town in Zimbabwe that comes with picaresque natural beauty and extraordinary wildlife. Kadoma is a town that was known formerly as Gatooma. This beautiful city is situated in Kadoma district.

This beautiful city is located at the center of the mining area that offers copper, gold and nickel. If you like to see wildlife, Zimbabwe’s natural resources can definitely give you that experience. Kadoma is a city with natural beauty at its every corner. This place is one of the most powerful administrative provinces of the country. The estimated population of the city is 76890 the place covers almost 166km by road. This city is located in the southwest part of Harare.

There are many places or tourist attractions in Kadoma like Golden Valley, Battlefields, Makwiro etc.


Battlefields are a historical place of Kadoma that stands with the story of settlement in the Mashonaland the western province of Zimbabwe. Travelers who are interested to know the historical past of Zimbabwe, you cannot miss visiting the place.


This is another beautiful settlement in Mashonaland, which is located in the western province of Zimbabwe.

Golden Valley

Golden Valley is a beautiful village near Kadoma. This small village is the ideal place to relax and spend your time in peace.

Things to do

Panasonic museum

This beautiful museum can appeal the travelers who are interested to discover the complete history of techniques, management and technology of the Japanese companies. Here you will find the technical books on different products, electronic devices and the audiovisual details.

Chokofuji Temple

This is another place to spend your holiday in complete serenity.

There are also some other places that you can visit during the tour like Shimagashira Temmangu Shrine, Antsu-Ji Temple, Kobaji temple, Benten Ike park and mostly the Kadoma museum where you can find the old history of the city, Shomei-ji-Temple, Anyoji Temple etc. You can visit those places during your trip to Kodama.

How to go

Kodama is an easily accessible place because the place has a good Air strip. You can travel there through direct flight or you can travel from Harare by car. The tourism part of Kodama is well known and you will find many hotels, restaurants and other facilities in this city. You can visit there with the help of a good travel company.

The right time to visit

The best time to visit the city is from 2nd April to 16th September. The average temperature of the place varies extremely. Temperature is quite high and hot most of the time of the year.