Hardap Recreation Resort

Hardap Recreation Resort

Hardap Recreation Resort is located 260 km south of Windhoek. The resort includes the largest dam of Namibia, Hardap which is on the Fish River.

The resort is dominated by the Hardap dam, fish and Groot Komatsas Rivers with open savannah and mountainous areas such as the Gemsbok plateau.

Hardap is renowned as an angler’s paradise. There are annual competitions held for enthusiasts regularly. However, the small Hardap Game Reserve is a retreat for black rhinos, giraffes, gemsboks, springboks, kudus, Hartmann’s mountain zebras and black-backed jackals.

Apart from the wildlife, it supports countless species of waterbirds, including flamingos, fish eagles, pelicans, spoonbills and Goliath herons. The dam and its surroundings houses one of Namibia’s most strategic Great White Pelican breeding colonies.

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Hardap Recreation Resort is located close to Mariental in the Hardap region of Namibia. It is easily accessible by roadways.

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During your visit to Hardap Recreation Resort, you can do a number of activities, such as:

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