Etosha National Park is one of the most accessible game reserves in Namibia and Southern Africa. It is said to be Namibia’s wildlife kingdom and sanctuary of nature and the most loved nature parks of Africa.

Home to four of the big five game animals (only water buffaloes absent), who wouldn’t long for an experience in this National Park. Even if you’ve had a taste of African wildlife-watching before, a visit to Etosha National Park grants you a whole new unforgettable experience and a true African Adventure.

The lifeblood of Etosha is the immense Etosha Pan. It is a flat, saline desert covering 5000km square. As the largest salt pan in the whole of Africa, it makes viewing of wildlife so easy.

The Park is home to 114 species which makes it possible for anyone to go for a morning, afternoon, or night game drive. You won’t just explore the pans but different kinds of animals ranging from lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos, cheetahs, hyenas, warthogs and lots more.

Unlike other parks, you can drive yourself around Etosha for hours without seeing any other car, except for elephants, black rhinos, and lots of curious giraffes. The jeeps are open air and are great for viewing. The park has so many animals and such a variety that cannot be seen in any other park.

We believe that time spent with animals is always time well spent, and on a Safari in Etosha National Park you will spend a lot of time with some of the most majestic and beautiful animals in the world. Unlike other game parks around the world where you can spend hours- perhaps days – looking for animals, Etosha is a different park entirely that brings the animals to you.

The park is malaria free, accessible in a regular sedan car and the rest camps provides a range of accommodation as well as restaurants, shops, petrol stations, and viewing decks. In the park, you can see different landscapes.  A huge and white flat land (pan) occupies most of the park, just lookout for the views.

It is advisable to opt for a safari in Namibia over Kenya or South Africa because it offers a safety and uniqueness the others lack. It is also a relatively cheap Africa park to visit compared to the other parks. The guides are very knowledgeable and easy to relate with. Early morning game drives can be very cold but a blanket poncho is always provided. Numerous games can be seen during both morning and afternoon drives.

The best time to visit Namibia for a safari in Etosha National Park is from May-Oct during the dry season. It is advisable because during this season there is less vegetation and wildlife tends to congregate around watering holes, making it easier to spot.

While it’s a great feeling to drive yourself and happen upon animals in the wild, it is advisable to pay for an initial game drive as it gets you oriented and you get to see more with in the few hours you spend with a guide. It is totally worth paying for!