Gaddafi National Mosque

Gaddafi National Mosque:

Gaddafi National Mosque is one of Kampala’s most renowned attractions. It is located on Kampala Hill, the National Mosque of Uganda serves the country’s significant Muslim population and has a capacity for 19,500 worshipers, out of which in the mosque 15,000 worshipers can seat, 1000 in the gallery and its terrace can cater another 3,500.

Colonel Muammar Gaddafi of Libya has commissioned this mosque as a gift to Uganda and also for the benefits of the Muslim population.

It was completed in the year 2006, the temple was originally popular as the Gaddafi National Mosque and serves as the seat of Islam in Uganda. Its 166-foot (65-meter) minaret offers panoramic views of this city.

The basics Several tours around the city of Kampala include the cultural landmark as part of a broader tourism itinerary featuring the Nakasero Market and the Independence Monument. Take advantage of tours that offer round-trip transfers to travel between scattered city attractions with ease.

Explore the mosque with a guide for a deeper insight into its unique history. A ticket to the mosque includes access to its imposing minaret, which offers impressive views of the urban landscape and beyond.

There are certain things to know before you visit Gaddafi National Mosque. You have to be prepared for so much climbing which is worth experiencing. Minaret has more than 300 steps.

As with all other mosques, modest clothing and head covering for the female is a must. You can borrow scarves at the entrance.

If you will visit this place through any tour, usually entry price is included. However, it is a small number of fees for non-muslim to visit that includes a visit and access to the tower. Currently, this mosque is not accessible fully to use wheelchairs.

What is the connection between Gaddafi?

The first attempt to build a national mosque started with Amin in 1972, but construction was abandoned 4 years later. In 2002, construction work resumed and it was funded by the Libyan government.

Gaddafi himself opened this temple in 2008, just 3 years before his death. Earlier, the name of this mosque was Uganda National Mosque. In 2013, the mosque was renamed in recognition of the new Libyan government.

Things to do:

– Historical tour

– Sightseeing

– Visit museum

What are the attractions?

– Baha’i Temple

– Namirembe Cathedral

– Journeys Uganda

– Buganda Parliament

– Uganda National Museum

How to access the place?

A convenient location on Old Kampala Road means that the mosque is easily accessible by matatu (public minibus), Boda Boda (taxi bike) or private transportation. If you are traveling by public transport, head to the New Taxi Park station, which is just a few minutes’ walks away.

Best time to visit:

The best time to visit is on Islamic holidays, such as Eid and Ramadan, the mosque is known to occupy all its capacity, so it is best to avoid strolling. The Prayer times differ throughout the year, although it is worthwhile to coincide with your visit to hear the atmospheric adhan.

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