Dodoma city is in the Tanzania southern highlands. It is enveloped by fertile, lush lands, presenting an ideal climate for agriculture. It has a captivating wine industry and many interesting sites.

The rapid growth of industrial infrastructure and transport have dwindled recently. However, tourist attractions are attracting to bring visitors regularly to Dodoma.

Places of attractions

Gaddafi Mosque

This is one of the largest mosques in Tanzania and the second largest in East Africa, following the Uganda National Mosque. This mosque acquired its name from Muammar Gaddafi, Libya’s former leader who also funded the construction. The interiors of this mosque hold around 3,000 worshippers.

Lion Rock

The Lion Rock is in Dodoma northern part. It offers a thrilling experience of hiking this hill.

University of Dodoma

Opened officially in 2007, the University of Dodoma is from the city center at a distance of 8km. there are different departments handling 22000 students and the latest courses are available.

Other places of interest include:

The other places include Bunge, Ruaha National Park, Tarangire National Park, Dodoma Cine Club, Lake Munguri, Usungu Game Reserve, Shabibi Supermarket, and more.

Kondoa Irangi Rock Paintings

Visit Kondoa Irangi Village, 22 km to the north of Kondoa, and nearly 280 km from Arusha. There are prehistoric paintings in a beautiful collection and it has around 200 sites and 1600 pictures. The attractions include:

Things to do

During your Dodoma visit, go on tours such as:

Taste local food

Grab a meal and not-to-miss the wonderful pizzas. For quality food, visit:

Shopaholics visit:

For explorers visit:

How to access

There are 6 ways from Uganda to reach Dodoma and it is by plane, taxi, bus, ferry, car or train.

Dodoma has a small airport and it is 1.5 km from the heart of the city.

Dodoma has upgraded railway and road networks leading to the city and other domestic destinations. There are abundant taxis and rental cars to get around the city.

Best time to visit

Dodoma is a beautiful place in Tanzania. The best time to visit is from January to December and the temperature is warm.

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