This picturesque place is located on the western part of the Manyame River. Chinhoyi is in the Mashonaland province, Makonde District of Zimbabwe. This place lies nearly 121km from Harare.  Chinhoyi Caves are the must-visit a place of Zimbabwe, the hidden gem. This place offers exciting experiences to the travellers that they can remember a lifetime. There is a divine cave in the town, Chinhoyi cave.  The former name of the cave is Chirorodziva. The meaning of that is Pool of the Fallen. This place allows the travellers to have unlimited fun while unfolding the true beauty of ancient cave life. His is a small but extremely beautiful national park that consists of dolomite caves and limestone and sinkholes. These are the natural resources used for refuge and storage for approx 1500 years. This place has a great divine value to the local people too. This town was known as Sinoia previously due to the colonial generations of the place.

Places to visit

The Chinhoyi Recreational Park

This park is situated at 4km north of the Chinhoyi town. This cave is known for its underground lake. The water in the lake is strikingly blue. This beauty can be appreciated from the dry land.  Blue Water Lake midst of rocky setting is something really beautiful to remember for a lifetime.

Lion’s Den Butchery

You can reach to the butchery from Chinhoyi or from Harare. Many people travel from Harare to Lake Kariba. This is the picaresque tourist spot where one can enjoy the unlimited beauty of nature. This stop may welcome you with eggs, boerewors, steak roll, bacon rolls etc.

Things to do

Many people enjoy camping in the Chinhoyi cave. It offers a beautiful experience to stay at the lap of nature. This place ideal for hiking, camping, fishing etc.

Enjoying the true picture of an African safari is possible in the Chinhoyi Recreational Park. Rhino and other animals can be seen there in the park. You can go for a car safari here.

There are many guest houses and food junctions are present in a place that can make your tour peaceful and exciting. There are many travel companies that arrange such trips for travellers. There are many small towns near Chinhoyi where you can go during your trip to find out the real village lifestyle of Zimbabwe.

Here you will find two most popular colleges in Zimbabwe and so the hospitals.

How to go there?

One can access the place by road only. There is a great availability of bus from Harare to Chinhoyi. Bus services are available also from Bulawayo, Mhangura and other smaller villages of the district. A small airport is present therein Chinhoyi but it runs only private planes.

Best time to visit

If you want to enjoy the fullest, you can visit it from 26th March to 10th August or 13 the October to 7th November. During the time, you will find the most soothing and suitable weather. This time, you will find the most soothing weather there.

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