Central Kalahari

Central Kalahari Game Reserve

Central Kalahari Game Reserve is the second biggest untamed life hold on the planet and the biggest and most remote save in Southern Africa. It is arranged amidst the Kalahari Desert. This is unadulterated, unrestricted wild. The landscape of Kalahari is a blend of straggly brambles, including the desert-adjusted silver terminalia, patches of acacias, skillet and fossil river ways sprinkled with dunes.

Central Kalahari Game Reserve is home to the second biggest gathering of indigenous seeker gatherers in Africa – the bushmen or San.

The incredible Kalahari dark maned lions and the way that it is extraordinary compared to other cheetah seeing destinations makes the Central Kalahari Game Reserve a prime spot for natural life sweethearts.

Large herds of wildebeest, eland, giraffe, hartebeest, springbok and gemsbok can be found in these huge stretches of land with clean hedges and overshadowed trees.

With the late spring downpours, a large number of gemsbok, eland, springbok and wildebeest discover their way to the growing, sweet grasses from Deception Valley to Piper Pans.

You should see hyaena, giraffe, warthog, kudu, eland, jackal, meerkat, crocodile and hippo. More than 250 bird species have been documented in the reserve.

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Central Kalahari Game Reserve can be reached by both roadways and airways.

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