Best Time To Visit Zimbabwe

The best time to visit Zimbabwe is from May to September. At this time Victoria Falls is most impressive and wildlife viewing is excellent as animals congregate around the rivers and waterholes. This is especially true in Hwange where the artificially pumped waterholes attract big herds of elephant.

1. Best Time

May to September (All parks)

2. High Season

July to October (Won't feel crowded; only Victoria Falls gets busy)

3. Low Season

November to April (The parks will be very quiet)

4. Best Weather

April, May and September (Pleasant temperatures; afternoon rains are rare and seldom interfere with your safari)

5. Worst Weather

October to February (Very hot in low altitude parks; December to February are the wettest months)

April to October –Dry Season – Winter

1. Vegetation is thin and animals concentrate around water; wildlife viewing is easier

2. Virtually no rain, clear blue skies and lots of sunshine; there are fewer mosquitoes

3. Although it is high season, the parks won't be crowded, except for Victoria Falls

4. Victoria Falls is most spectacular from May through September when the water is mid-to-low, and the spray doesn't block the view to the falls

5. October is very hot in low-lying areas, with temperatures above 32°C/90°F

6. It gets cold at night and in the mornings; warm clothing is needed

7. From March to May massive clouds of spray will block the view of Victoria Falls

November to March –Wet Season – Summer

1. The scenery is greener, and it's low season resulting in lower rates

2. The best time to see newborn animals

3. Bird watching is at its best, many birds are in their breeding plumage and migratory birds are present

4. Rains are mostly short afternoon showers and seldom have a negative impact on your safari

5. Wildlife viewing is more difficult since there is more vegetation and animals no longer rely on waterholes

The humidity combined with the higher temperatures in the low-lying parks can make it feel uncomfortably hot

From October to December, the flow of the Zambezi river is at its lowest and Victoria Falls isn't at its best

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