Best Things To See And Do In Namibia 2020

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Namibia is one of the most incredible destinations on the planet. Although it is one of the most underrated places on the planet. It is unique and unlike anywhere in the world, it is particularly famous for its incredible wildlife, stunning coastline, vast deserts, colossal sand dunes and epic adventure opportunities. The southern African country of Namibia is therefore the best place to be for whosoever that loves adventure, nature and culture. Namibia holds definite appeal for thrill seekers and has been Nicknamed ‘The Land of the Brave’. But there is more to this desert landscape than an adrenalin rush. For anyone visiting Namibia, these are the best things to do in Namibia.

1 Visit a Traditional Himba Village:

The Himba are semi-nomadic tribe and are regarded as one of the most recognizable and traditional tribes in the whole of Africa. This is majorly due to the dress of the female tribe members and the fact that they cover their skin and hair with ochre, butter, and herbs known as otijize. It is meant to protect them from the sun and pests. Learning about the traditional way of life of this indigenous group of people is absolutely interesting. Their major source of income is animal farming and they have managed to survive centuries with very little water. The Himba village can be found at the North West side of the country towards Opuwo, where they traditionally live.

2 . Enjoy a Sunset Game Drive in the Kalahari:

There’s nothing compared to a good game drive. It is surely one of the best and nicest things to do in Namibia. The feeling of excitement and trill you feel while observing the impeccable sight of the different species of animals ranging from jackals, kudus, ostriches, to impalas is nothing like you’ve ever felt before. The most beautiful thing about a sunset game drive in Kalahari is the amazing views of the desert at sunset.

3. Climb the Mountains of Damaraland:

Damaraland is one of the most beautiful regions in Namibia. It’s incredible rock formations and stunning valleys is all beautiful but Daramaland has something more special to it. It is popularly known for amazing subsets, wildlife, rock art, and star gazing. This region contains one of the country’s most famous landmarks, Spitzkoppe. It consists of a group of peaks, often called ‘the Matterhorn of Africa’ due to their shape. It also contains the Brandberg, known as the ‘ Fire Mountain’, the tallest mountain in Namibia. However, one of the major draws here is hiking

4. See Ancient Cave Paintings:

Namibia is home to ancient cultures and there are many sites where cave paintings can be found. There is a site called Bushman’s Paradise in Spitzkoppe, where you can find animals’ drawings dating back to thousands of years. The best paintings can be found in Namibia’s UNESCO World Heritage site of Twyfelfontein. 

5. Sandboarding:

For anyone looking for an adventure, strapping on a Nambian style snowboard and hitting the sandy slopes down the world’s largest sand dunes should definitely be an option. The only downside is there is no lift between runs making this sport quite workout. 

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