Adrenalin Adventure in Swakopmund

Adrenalin Adventure in Swakopmund

Swakopmund is popularly known as an adrenalin junkie’s paradise. The adventure activities on air, ocean and sand in Swakopmund are mind-blowing whilst enjoying and exploring your Namibia overland trip. With a decidedly German look and feel due to its colonial architecture, Swakopmund is Namibia’s most popular holiday destination. As Namibia’s adrenalin capital, Swakopmund is a candy-store of fun activities to quench the thirst of even the most extreme adrenalin junkie. Its pleasant summer climate and decent beaches attract surfers, anglers and beach lovers from all over Southern Africa. It offers a host of exciting and unique adventure activities which are the ultimate ways to explore all the natural wonder and beauty of a Namibia overland whilst getting your adventure fix. We’ve listed below a wide range of African Adventure activities offered by Swakopmund, Namibia’s Adrenalin City:


1. The Living Desert Tour:

This is a special 4×4 adventure drive through the dunes outside Swakopmund, Namibia. The tour takes you from the vegetated, life-rich eastern part of the dunes, right through the dunes to the Atlantic ocean on the western side of the dune belt. Just the drive dunes is a thrilling experience however at the end of the tour, weather permitting, you will experience a ‘roaring’ dune. It is a top rated by many visitors and tourists.

2. Skydiving:

Swakopmund is surely Namibia’s premier skydiving destination. Skydiving over the Namibia desert is surely a sight to behold. Once in the plane you will enjoy a 30 minute scenic flight. You will experience a 30-35 second free fall at 220km/hr after exiting the plane 10,000 feet. Experienced and first-time jumpers are all equally welcome to throw themselves out of the plane and plummet towards the Namib desert. Beginners have two options which is to either embark on a full-day training course with a solo jump at the end or better still take a shorter course followed by a tandem jump, where your instructor does all the work. Be sure to endeavor to open your eyes and enjoy the magnificent scenery of the Namib desert meeting the southern Atlantic Ocean.

3. Quad Biking:

Quad biking is the most popular tour, as real adventure starts for the ride of one’s life. It is easier to ride at the beginning of the trip as it gives you time to get used to the bikes. Professional guides will be available to lead you toward the dune belt. The savage beauty and stark of the dune belt is captured in the 2 hour trip on your way to sunset dune. You will get an absolutely stunning view over the Atlantic ocean with amazing photo opportunities offers.

4. Sandboarding:

The Swakopmund sand dunes are any board lover’s dream on a Namibia Tour. Two options are provided during sand boarding, you can either lie down or stand up with no experience needed. There are 6 different slopes included in the lie down option. Speeds of up to 80km/hour can be reached for the maximum adrenalin buzz. All necessary equipment is provided.

This are just few of the of the Activities that ca be done in Swakopmund, for more activities please email us:

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